A Survival Guide for the Fourth Trimester – Parenting Finally

A Survival Guide for the Fourth Trimester – Parenting Finally


We all know that human pregnancy can be divided into 40 weeks, nine months, or three trimesters. This seems pretty simple, right? Well, if you are among this group of people, then you’re wrong. What a lot of people and doctors fail to mention is the existence of a fourth trimester.

You read that right, a fourth trimester! This is the period of developmental change for your newborn that is experienced outside the womb, and it takes the first three months.

The fourth trimester can be extremely challenging for new mothers since the baby is still struggling to adapt to the new world and as a mother, you’re still learning to balance expectations with the reality of life.

Below, we share essential lessons that will help new mothers prepare for the fourth trimester successfully.

Expect to See Blood

Apart from experiencing uncomfortable soreness down there, you should also expect to see blood and other discharge for about six weeks whether you had a natural birth, pain-free birth, or C-section.

The discharge is usually as a result of the contracting uterus that is shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy size and the shedding of the extra blood vessels that stocked up during pregnancy.

The discharge may be bright red in the first few days after delivery but becomes plight and goes from brown to pink, yellow before it becomes clear. It is critical to ensure that you have comfortable underwear and stock up on pads to help keep you comfortable.

Seek Support

Becoming a mother and taking care of your newborn baby isn’t an easy job. With time, you’ll discover that some parts of the job feel much more natural than others. At this point, don’t be afraid to seek help from those who are around you.

Don’t allow anybody to come to visit without bringing you a good meal or having them to do something around the house for you.  

You can even call it payment for seeing your baby if you like. Research shows that many new mums don’t like to ask for help, but this is the right time to do it. Remember the fact that many people are willing to come and see your newborn baby, and they will also want to help you.

Take Care of Yourself

As a new mom, you’ll want to do everything possible to protect and take care of your newborn baby. But, it is also essential to spare some time to relax and enjoy yourself and let other people help you.

Otherwise, you might become too tired and even fail to take care of yourself and your new little one. Be sure to communicate with your partner about the difficulties that you’re facing and listen to the advice that he may provide.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a natural birth, pain-free birth, C-section, or birth with an epidural, take time to rest and restore your lost energy.

Take Time to Bond with the Baby

Many new moms tend to worry so much about not bonding with their lovely little ones right away. You need to keep in mind that bonding takes time, and the more you interact with your baby and spend time together, the more you bond.

After birth, the most important thing that you can do is to relax and enjoy your baby. Don’t worry about anything else. Everything else can wait. In fact, the best way to get through your fourth trimester is to relax and take all the pressure off yourself.

It’s OK to Feel Guilty

Lastly, don’t feel bad when you develop doubts about your abilities as a mother or when you can’t spend as much time with your spouse as you did before the baby arrived. If you allow such thoughts to sink in, they will affect your ability to take good care of yourself and the baby.



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