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How The Luxury Beauty App collaboration with Uber Helps

One of the greatest problems people around the world face is having to travel long distances to access a stylist, get the beauty, wellness products or fashion they need. This is where... Read more »

Is It Okay for Men to Be Vainer Than Women?

Do you have a problem if your husband is vainer than you? Recent surveys showed that men check themselves out in the mirror more than 27 times a day. Women do it far less.... Read more »
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What are the factors that determine the value of a vintage watch?

Do you have a fortune around your wrist? There are many factors that can influence the value of a vintage watch. And many aspects to consider when evaluating a vintage watch and... Read more »
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How to Make a Fashion Statement With Fun Socks

In fashion today there are a number of items that can be considered statement pieces or accessories. These are often items that complement an outfit and they can sometimes even be statement... Read more »

Popular Tips That Prevent Excessive Hair Fall

Hair fall is an issue that bothers members of both genders. Youngsters want to look their best at all times. They are fashion-conscious and try to follow the popular styles. They spend... Read more »

5 amazing gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

With this year’s Mother’s Day falling on Sunday, May 10, it’s time to start thinking about a gift for your mom. Pronto! For a woman who has everything, it can be tough... Read more »
Understanding Epicanthoplasty – Overview and Results

Understanding Epicanthoplasty – Overview and Results

Epicanthoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries which is also known as eye-opening. This procedure is done to make your eyes look big. But not many people know what exactly medical... Read more »


The pre-requisite while buying a plus size corset is – you should be aware of your size. For this purpose, you should take precise measurements. But, the ladies with a heavy body... Read more »

Why Do We Smoke When We Drink Alcohol?

To give you a better understanding of why people smoke when drinking alcohol, you must first understand the effect that both have on the body because both nicotine and alcohol are stimulants.... Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Trucker Hats

The very first trucker hat appeared in Germany during the early 1930’s. During this time, these caps got called Mechanic’s caps by both those who wore them and their admirers. Eventually, they... Read more »