Danielle Staub Reveals She’ll ‘Never’ ReturnTo ‘RHONJ’ Again: ‘It Is Time For MeTo Leave’

Danielle Staub

The certainty of Danielle Staub’s goodbye to ‘RHONJ’ even caught unaware Andy Cohen! Rather than blending show with the New Jersey women, Danielle uncovered to ‘WWHL’ watchers her new plans going ahead.

Danielle Staub, 57, said the word even Andy Cohen, 51, wasn’t hoping to hear on the Jan. 8 scene of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: “never.” As in, she’s staying away forever to The Real Housewives of New Jersey as a full-time cast part! For included emotional impact, Danielle propelled into a long “thank you” kind of monolog before breaking the huge news. “Well I have, in the course of recent years and 10 seasons, been a piece of this entire establishment and I’ve been glad to mobilize and remain on the stage and be here with every one of you, however it is the ideal opportunity for me to leave and accomplish something that I need to do that fulfills my heart consistently,” she started. And afterward, the sensation: “Thus, I will be staying away forever as a ‘Housewife’ once more.”

Danielle Staub

Andy immediately cut off Danielle, shouting, “Never!?” Given his official maker job in the Real Housewives establishment, the declaration naturally shook him. Still in dismay, he included, “Stunning, she’s expression the word n–Okay, I didn’t have any acquaintance with you were going to state the word never.” But there was a trick.

“No, staying away forever as a ‘Housewife’ again — with the Jersey young ladies,” Danielle explained. It was an “A-ha!” minute for Andy. “Gracious, alright, so you’re available to New York or – ” the host answered, entertained, however Danielle’s not yet pondering moving to a sister arrangement. Rather, her brain is on another show — one that is in progress! “I am going to begin my very own cooking channel,” Danielle uncovered. “Cooking is treatment to me, so I’m fundamentally calling it Cooking Therapy. What’s more, I discover my tranquility in the kitchen.”

Danielle hasn’t really been a full-time “Housewife” since Season 2 of RHONJ, which publicized in 2010. She returned in a “companion” job, be that as it may, for Seasons 8-10, and has surely left her blemish on out from the show. Danielle scandalously hauled Margaret Josephs by the pig tail in an unstable battle that publicized in the Jan. 1 scene of RHONJ, after her opponent poured water on Danielle’s head inside a retail boutique. Before the hair yank, Danielle’s recompense even included illegal conflagration — she took a couple of effects from Margaret’s satchel and tossed them into a lit flame!

Danielle wasn’t excessively famous with the other cast individuals as well, clearly, as per a source near the show who EXCLUSIVELY talked with HollywoodLife in June of 2019. “The women have been asking creation all season to cut Danielle, as Teresa [Giudice] and Jen [Jennifer Aydin] were the main ones who might film with her,” the source let us know at the time. And still, after all that, Danielle had “disregarded [Teresa’s] trust,” the source included — months after the fact, another source EXCLUSIVELY clarified that “during taping, there was an occurrence including Teresa, Danielle and Melissa [Gorga] that cause[d] the break in their companionship.” Well, at any rate there’ll be much less dramatization on a cooking appear!

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