Interview with Neil Nayyar, A champ who got world record of India for playing 100+ Musical Instruments

Interview with Many Record Holder. Neil Nayyar. At very young age Neil started playing musical instruments and got many world records and appreciations.

Q 1: What was the first instrument you started playing and when?
Ans : I started with the drum kit when I was around 6 years old.

Q 2: You can play well over a 100 instruments. How does it feel?
Ans: It’s an incredible feeling. I feel blessed and eternally grateful that I have access to all these different instruments from various cultures and countries. This allows me to really experience the different sounds from around the world, but more importantly — connect with people through collaborating with different tastes, cultures and countries. There’s nothing greater than sharing this joy with others.

Q 3: Which is your favorite instrument?
Ans : A lot of people ask me that! I would have to say that they are all my favorite! Like I said, I’m fortunate to own them, and have access to practice and perform with them. They are all unique in their own right, depending on what flavor or style I am going for.

Q 4: How do you manage your studies and your professional career together?
Ans : I’ve been doing my schooling online since the first grade. It’s given me lots of flexibility to choose my own hours for study and fit the schedule around my music and other passions. Regular school would have made it hard to achieve what I have accomplished so far…

Q 5: What drives you to explore new musical instruments?
Ans : So yeah, I only owned a drum kit to begin with as I mentioned earlier. When I went to music stores, I was always excited to try out new instruments. I quickly discovered I had a knack for being able to quickly make music with them without much time spent on each. I’ve since made it my goal to learn as many instruments from around the world while exploring the cultures they belong to.

Q 6: Who is your favorite music composer and why?
Ans : My favorite music composer is A.R. Rehman. I love his creativity and the way he explores sounds, rhythms and textures.

Q 7: What are your future goals?
Ans : My ultimate goal in music is to become a music director and composer. Things might change over time, who knows! After recently signing an acting contract in LA through Conquest Management, it might open new pathways into commercials/TV/movies.

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